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Facilitator Empowerment Program

Learn How to masterfully speak and produce transformation in your audience.
Lisa Nichols and her world-class team will have you delivering some of your most powerful work to Teens, Adults, and Corporations.

This Comprehensive Program consists of:

  • Three 3-Day Intensive Live Trainings in Southern California with Lisa Nichols
  • 12 Tele-Conference Calls with Master Facilitators
  • 18 One-on-One Coaching Calls with Master Facilitators
  • 3 Bonus Clearing Calls with the Lisa Nichols Team
  • Access to the World Class curriculum – First time available to the public
  • Access to Lisa Nichols team for support and content
  • Discount on all Lisa Nichols produced events, i.e. conferences, workshops and retreats
  • Discount on all Lisa Nichols product and services i.e. coaching, tele-seminars, etc.
  • Endorsement by Lisa Nichols on your ability to produce effective results through teaching (when you are certified in the program)

The first 2/3 of the training program is the “Class Work”. This phase includes tele-coaching, tele-seminars, curriculum overview and two 3-day intensive trainings as you are learning the curriculum and the business aspects of producing your own workshops. These details and the content will immediately have you expanding your thoughts about the business.

The last 1/3 of the training program is similar to an internship. You will produce one workshop with the guidance and support of MTS on your own, attend two other workshops of your colleagues and fellow participants, and attend another 3-day training.

Participation in the training program alone does not automatically qualify you to become a Certified Facilitator with Motivating the Teen Spirit (MTS). However, if you do qualify you will be considered an Independent Contractor with MTS, producing and facilitating your own workshops with the support of the
Lisa Nichols Brand, the successful history of MTS, and support materials for your success.

For more information contact Tia Ross at 760-931-9400 or Contact Us:

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